Hey RC Team,

We’re delighted to bring you the Spring edition of your Cantaloop Team Member Newsletter! 🍈

The sun is shining, the cherry blossoms are blooming & change is in the air! ☀️🌸 Not just for our surroundings, but for us here at The Root Cellar too!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and we’re eager to share what’s been happening. 💚

So, let’s dig into it! 🧑‍🌾🪴



At the heart of some of the changes we’ve been seeing around here are our amazing team members! Here are the movers and shakers amongst us this month!

📍 At McKenzie Corner

The Marketing Team has officially moved their offices from Oxford Corner to Martha House at McKenzie Corner – we hope you’re settling into the new space nicely! 🏠

SKYLAR is the newest member of our Marketing Team! Welcome to the team – we’re so excited to have you! ⭐

CHAN is spending some more time at McKenzie Corner for some hands-on training with Susie! It’s been great seeing you around, Chan! 👋

PRASHANT has joined the Front end team at McKenzie – welcome aboard! 💛

📍 At Oxford Corner:

ALI has moved to the Oxford Corner produce team after a short but sweet time with the McKenzie team. We hope you’re liking the change of scenery! ☀️

DARYL has joined our meat department & we’re so thrilled to have him! 🥩


Exciting news alert! 🎉

Our fantastic People and Culture team has been busy putting together training sessions for all Root Cellar managers. We’re talking about deep dives into company policies, procedures, and programs, giving our managers a comprehensive understanding of everything we do. A big shoutout to Paula and Elizabeth for their dedication to making these sessions happen! 💪

We’re thrilled to announce the successful launch of our new In-House Forklift/Unloader Training Program. 👷‍♂️This program ensures that every forklift user at both locations has the knowledge and skills needed for their roles. Moving forward, all new forklift users and unloaders will undergo this specialized training, ensuring consistency and safety within our team.✅ Huge congratulations to Tristin, Brooke, James, Sherab, Jeremy, and Tony for completing the program successfully!👏

But it’s not just about skill-building – it’s about prioritizing safety. By aligning with WorkSafe BC standards, we’re not just protecting our team members; we’re creating a secure working environment for everyone! 🦺

And that’s not all – First Aid Training is officially completed for both stores, with new First Aid Attendant posters up. Kudos to Danny, Alejandra, Colin, Sarah, Riley and Raine at McKenzie, and Tony, Shine, Harry, and Jason at Oxford! 🙌

To each and every one of you who’s been diving headfirst into these sessions – we see you, and we appreciate you! Your dedication to excellence, safety, and continuous learning is what makes our Root Cellar team truly unstoppable. 💚

Here’s to building a stronger, smarter, and safer Root Cellar crew, one training session at a time.

Keep shining, team! 💫


Recently, we attended the John Howard Society Job Fair. Elizabeth and Eli did a great job representing us – thanks so much ladies! ❤️


It’s time to learn a little more about Danny Cronk, who’s been with The Root Cellar since 2012!

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your role within the company?

Hello My Name is Daniel Frederick Cronk and my role in the company is McKenzie Produce Manager. 👋

How did you get started with the Root Cellar?

I needed a job and dropped off my resume with a few places. Darin and Phil hired me as a produce stocker and the rest is history!  When I started I thought radicchio was a small cabbage. 🥬

Could you share some key milestones and achievements in your professional journey?

Learning what Radicchio is. Promotion to supervisor. Promotion to produce manager. Learning to manage the grocery department for a year. Running produce at Oxford for several months. Managing the best produce store in Victoria is something I am pretty damn proud of! 💚

Can you describe a moment where you felt proud of your contributions to the team or company?

My proudest contribution to the company is the successful employees that I trained or helped train. TJ, Owen, Brooke, Jeremy especially! 💪

Are there any personal values that you feel strongly about and align with the Root Cellar?

I have lived in Victoria and the surrounding area my entire life so supporting my community is very important to me. I feel strong ties to the area, the music, the food, the people, the businesses, growers, and producers!

Can you share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that your colleagues may not know?

I have 2 kids, 1 cat, and 3 ducks (and counting). 🦆 I have a 47 year old camping trailer that’s I’m always fixing up. I refurbished a large canoe last year but then realized it’s too big to transport anywhere…. Anyone have a trailer and want a canoe? 🛶 I’ve never experience a “real” Canadian winter. ❄️

What aspects of the company culture do you appreciate the most?

Comradery for one. Also most people here truly care about food and drink. The passion about a cut of meat or a beautiful mango. 🥭 Even if they were not passionate at the start they learn to get excited about local cherry tomatoes, or wagyu beef or stubborn chef dressing. 🍴



It’s time for another contest! 🥳

We want to see your best Green Sauce Memes! 💚

Yup, you read that right! We want to see you get crafty and create your very own Green Sauce memes. 🙌

What’s up for grabs? A gorgeous Emile Henry Pizza Stone, and 2 pizza doughs (either gluten free or regular)!🍕

Selina was one of our February’s contest winners & she enjoyed a brand new coffee maker. Get ready to enter the April contest & this could be you!

To enter, please send an email to marketing@therootcellar.ca with your name, your store location and your best Green Sauce meme. Please submit your entries by Wednesday, April 10th. 

You can make some free memes at this site here, but consider yourself warned… Once you start, it’s hard to stop!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Need some inspiration? Check out these goodies below… 😂




We’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our COMMON house label brand – COMMON Pizza! 🍕

Crafted with care, it’s a culinary masterpiece sourced from the finest ingredients of British Columbia and Italy, delivering an authentic Neapolitan experience right to your table. 🍽️

Partnering with Nicli Pizzeria in Vancouver, it’s certified by Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, ensuring the highest standards of Italian tradition. With a 36-hour fermented dough, it offers a light, flavourful crust that sets it apart.

Get ready to savour gourmet pizza in just 6 minutes at home! 🏠

Launching the first week of April, COMMON Pizza marks just the beginning of 2024’s Common brand additions. ⭐

Stay tuned for more additions to the COMMON family in the coming months! 💚

Until next time! 🍈