COMMON is shining a light on our pantry staples, you know, the ingredients that make everything better?

Their role is to make the big guns shine, they don’t get a lot of credit, but we feel that credit is due! Enter COMMON, a house brand brought to you by The Root Cellar.

Our House Brand!

These are the must-haves, the real heroes behind your everyday meals. They’re the stuff you reach for whether you’re fixing up your kid’s lunch or scrambling for a quick Tuesday dinner. They might seem ordinary, but trust me, these are the game-changers that turn meals from okay to unforgettable! They’re exactly what your kitchen’s been missing!


We kicked things off with peanut butter, then ventured into cheese, spices, black beans, pasta sauce and chickpeas. And now, brace yourself for our latest sensation: the most scrumptious coconut milk you’ll ever taste! Keep an eye out in our markets during your next visit because they’re not just delicious—they’re fun, they’re flavourful, and they’re for everyone. ⁠⁠Get ready to dive into a world of taste!