Hi Team,

Our Oxford Corner project in Cook Street Village is getting exciting!  We’ve passed the ‘discovery’ phase of opening up walls (and floors … and ceilings) and finding MORE projects, dilemmas, and expense behind each corner… and now we are closing her back up again, this is the fun part! We took her down to the bones and now we are putting her back together again; walls are framed in, drywall is mostly complete and some painting has begun (retail first, then back end, and you’ll start seeing changes outside soon, in the next couple of weeks, the red and yellow will be gone… replaced with … yup, BLACK. Not to worry we have some fun ‘root celery’ elements, touches of wood, some beautiful windows, a very cool wood feature, some ‘street art’ and a few plants to bring our signature black to life! 

As you know, we have our first hiring fair approaching in a couple of weeks,  on June 26th (spread the word – your referrals mean the world to us! Amazing people tend to know amazing people, and we think you’re pretty great ;-).  

We also are sorting out details for a Team Member Open House at the new location… SOON!  So any of you dying to see inside will have an opportunity to come for a tour. We are very touched how excited and curious many of you are and we are excited to show you what we’re up to down there! So please stay tuned! And if you have any questions or curiosities, you’re welcome to reach out to us directly of course daisy@therootcellar.ca + adam@therootcellar.ca … we may be ‘missing in action’ a lot as we dive into the final (but not short) stretch of this project, but we’re here! 

We  continue to tell the community that ‘2.0’ will be opening before the end of the year, but we look forward to narrowing that target for you (and our customers) soon as we eliminate surprises and head into a slightly more controllable phase of the project! 

Always, BIG THANKS for your support during this year of growth and change for us – it means the world to us!


Daisy + Adam