Hi Team,

It’s been a couple of months now, and we hope you’ve all had the opportunity to connect with our new GM’s, Paul & Joseph.  We want to express our appreciation for the support you’ve each given them as they transition to their new roles as there is still much to learn, and each of you has much to offer them in this regard. 

As you can see we’ve face-lifted our Team Member newsletter a bit, and want to take the opportunity to spot light these two new GM faces. In these newsletters you can now look forward to GM stories from the trenches, updates on growth & changes in The Root Cellar family tree, new products announcements, all about what we’re doing in and for the community, and of course updates on our new location underway at Oxford Corner in Cook St Village.

Thanks for hanging in – you may even find some surprises and contests in these newsletters from time to time…


Daisy & Adam