Hey RC Team,

We’re delighted to bring you the May edition of your Cantaloop Team Member Newsletter! ????

While it might have been a colder month than we hoped for, we’re just happy it didn’t stop the arrival of locally grown strawberries. ????Really, is there anything better than the local growing season!? We don’t think so, but we might be biased. ????

And it isn’t just strawberries that are new around here, we’ve seen plenty of other changes this month!

Wondering what they might be? Keep reading to find out!

Now, let’s dig into it! ????‍????????



One big change we saw around here has to do with your name tags – you might have noticed they got an upgrade! ????

The new buttons are customized to include optional details such as languages spoken and pronouns, allowing everyone to express their individuality and contribute to a welcoming atmosphere!

The change is meant to foster an even more inclusive and welcoming work environment, as we transition from our traditional name tags to our NEW personalized buttons that more accurately represent YOU! ????

We’re still rolling them out, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, not to worry – it’s on it way!

But, that’s not all! ????

Another change we saw around here, thanks to our wonderful People + Culture team, was the launch our NEW Culture Guide!

The Culture Guide is our way to communicate with new & existing team members all the details of working here at The Root Cellar; who we are, what we do, and why we do it! ????

Keep shining, team! ????

June 5th is a big day for someone here at The Root Cellar!

Our very own Adam Orser is celebrating the big FIVE-OH! ????????

While he’s usually busy working away behind the scenes, we’re throwing a little love his way for the big FIFTY! ????????

Adam hasn’t always just slung-veggies, let us know which one of the ‘fun facts’ below you think is NOT true about Adam!?

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It’s time to learn a little more about Preety Gahunia , one of our incredible front-end supervisors who’s been with The Root Cellar team since Day 1! ????

Professional Background:

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your role within the company?

My name is Preety Gahunia and I am a part-time front-end supervisor! 

When did you join the Root Cellar?

I have been with the Root Cellar since it opened its doors, in 2008. ????

How did you get started with the Root Cellar?

I previously worked for the Big Barn and was approached by Daisy who had offered me a position to join the Root Cellar team. ????

Could you share some key milestones and achievements in your professional journey?

The Root Cellar definitely has a special place in my heart and working here has helped me build incredible relationships. Throughout high school and College years, I was working part-time while focusing on completing my education with increasing hours to full-time in the summers. Although now my hours at the Root Cellar are limited, I still try my best to help out when I can while working full-time as a Dental Hygienist. ???? When I started with the company I was very reserved, this job has helped me build communication skills and gave me the opportunity to feel confident in my leadership skills. ????

Can you describe a moment where you felt proud of your contributions to the team or company?

Throughout my many years with the company I have helped in the produce department and was in charge of all the ordering for the grocery department (when it was part of the front-end department). I am most proud of all the training I have provided for the Root Cellar. At one point, I was appointed in completing all the on boarding for the company and was in charge of all the training for the front-end team. This makes me feel proud to have passed on my knowledge, skills and love for the Root Cellar, hoping others can feel passionate about the company like I do. ????

Personal Background:

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with different foods. ????️ This passion has been passed down to me from the Root Cellar. I also enjoy spending lots of time outdoors and have a passion for travelling. ✈️

Are there any personal values that you feel strongly about and align with the Root Cellar?

My passion for cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables align with the Root Cellar. This gives me the ability to be able to share recipes and connect with customers. ????

Can you share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that your colleagues may not know?

I recently got married 8 months ago. ????

Reflection on Company Culture:

What aspects of the company culture do you appreciate the most?

The dedication to sourcing local produce and products, as well as pairing with smaller businesses/companies. ????


Guess whaaat?!!

This year’s Annual Black Press 2024 Best of the City Awards has kicked off!

The Root Cellar (this means YOU, our absolutely amazing dedicated fun loving kind helpful and sunshiny team!) has been nominated for…

  • Best for Produce, for the 15th year! ????
  • Best Locally Owned Grocery Store ????
  • Best Farmer’s Market ????️
  • Best Garden Centre ????
  • Best Organic Market ????

It’s YOU, our Team who make the Root Cellar the BEST of the city.

Voting is open and it’s time to make it official – let’s put us on the podium again for the 15th year!

You can vote HERE & you can cast your vote once per day!



A big congratulations goes out to Riley, from McKenzie Corner, who was the winner of our April Cantaloop Contest! ????

She’s won a gorgeous Emile Henry Pizza Stone and 2 pizza doughs! We hope you’re enjoying your prize!????




We are SO excited to share that on Sunday, June 9th from 10am – 6pm we will once again be participating in The Cook Street Block Party. ????????

Help us celebrate everything we love about Cook Street Village!

The Cook Street Block Party is a family friendly event with live music, food trucks, activities, and vendors of all kinds, including US!  ☀️????????️????️ ⁠

You’ll find us in three tents right outside the front door of our Oxford Corner store. We’ll be at the BBQ grilling up house made favourites (hello tasty chorizo and Peruvian chicken sausages ????), selling our classic jute totes, sampling green sauce, and hosting a contest to win $250 in groceries!

We hope to see you at the event, bring your friends, bring your family – the big kids and the little kids and even your furry friends (PS…there’s a dog race). ????

We hope to see you there! ????

Until next time! ????