1. Big Debut

Sourcing from over 250 farms, produce trucks arrive daily, brimming with local and specially-sourced goodness to bring only the freshest ingredients to your table.

  1. Ripe + Ready

It’s what’s in the inside that counts!

Our produce is inspected each morning, culling any items that aren’t fit for the runway, where they’ll make their way to our Ripe + Ready section – allowing you to scoop up bananas, peaches and tomatoes that are absolutely bursting with flavour, though perhaps not turning any heads.

  1. Contribute

Giving the gift of food!

Any goodies not snapped up from our Ripe + Ready section are promptly sent to The Rainbow Kitchen as a part of our ongoing donation program providing an excess of 500 pounds of produce weekly. Woah!­­

  1. Friends + Farmers

Any produce not fit for human consumption is graciously accepted by our local farmers, who regularly pick up the leftovers to take back to for their animals – keeping our four-legged friends fed & happy, as well!