Look for the Root Cellar’s insider tips from owner, Daisy Orser, in the GET FRESH section of every edition of EAT magazine.   Discover how your food is grown and meet the local farmer’s behind some of the most amazing island produce available throughout the seasons here on Vancouver Island.

Heirloom and heritage tomatoes grown by Sun Wing Greenhouses just up the road from us in Saanich were the latest in gorgeous summer produce to be featured in the July/August edition.

Here’s a sneak peek of the article – pick up a copy of the magazine in print around the city or find the full scoop on Love and Home Grown Tomatoes in the digital edition here.

…Farmer Tom’s favourite is the beefsteak. I am a sucker for anything heirloom,
preferably striped. Whatever your fancy, we are spoiled with tomato options here in
Victoria. I recently spent an afternoon with one of our local master tomato growers,
Tom Law at Sun Wing Greenhouses, and if I close my eyes I can still smell the warm,
tomato-y air. Anyone who knows that heavenly smell of a vine-ripened garden
tomato can well imagine the aroma produced by 40,000 square feet of tomato vines.
It was glorious…