EAT Magazine – Delicious Citrus

These rays of seasonal sunshine in the middle of winter have distinct naughty by nature proclivities.  Find out more about this unique family of fruits in the first EAT magazine issue of 2018.  The newest Get Fresh article from Root Cellar owner, Daisy Orser, details this ever expanding extraordinary family tree; come and delve into the wonderful world of citrus with us.

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EAT Magazine – Do You Fuyu?

Look for the Root Cellar’s insider tips from owner, Daisy Orser, in the GET FRESH section of every edition of EAT magazine.   Discover how your food is grown and meet the local farmer’s behind some of the most amazing island produce available throughout the seasons here on Vancouver Island.

Discover the lovely seasonal treats that are Persimmons, at the height of their season right now.   These beautiful vibrant orange Asian tree fruit are both astringent and sweet, and dependent on the variety, amazing eaten fresh (Fuyu) or in baking (Hachiya).

Read on in the November/December issue, on news stands around the city and at the Root Cellar now.

NEW Coast Cricket Protein Bars

Sustainable, dairy free, gluten free, environmentally friendly, non GMO and most of all, super DELICIOUS!  YES, really!

Made with organic cricket protein flour from Ontario and all natural whole ingredients these bars are available in Peanut Butter (with apples, pears and honey) or Dark Chocolate Raisin (with sunflower seeds, chocolate chips and vanilla) in store from today!

So why crickets?  Well, we all know food security and industrial production are key discussion topics at the forefront of our society –  for the future of not just our farmers, but also of ourselves and our environment.

This is where crickets come in – not only are they a complete protein (with all 9 key amino acids) chock full of vitamins and minerals, they require 2000x less water than cows, produce 100x less emissions and require significantly less land.  Wow!  Next time you pop in for produce why not try something new and join us in looking towards a future with sustainable protein.



Market News-Nov 26th-Dec 3rd, 2014.

weekly MARKET NEWS on clear

The holiday season is upon us and December is fast approaching – local produce is getting harder to find but take a look at these numbers – We always choose local first and are proud to offer this selection in November! Amongst these numbers you will find a selection of over 20 varieties of Okanagan Apples and 3 types of Okanagan Pears to satisfy your sweet tooth … all of them crisp and delicious!  This week we’re expecting a new variety.. the JONA RED.. we can’t wait to try it!

Local count 54. BC produce count 60. Organics count 104.

It’s TURKEY TIME! YES we have Locally Raised, Free Range, Grain Fed, Hormone & Antibiotic Free FRESH TURKEYS available to book for your holiday feast! And YES local turkey TASTES BETTER! But we’re wondering if FREE TURKEY tastes even better… if you PRE-BOOK your turkey, you will be entered to win it for FREE – so you can let us know!  Please visit our Chop Shop Meat Market, a full service butcher shop and deli determined to make you hungry.

Island Grown Fresh Christmas Trees have arrived – The holidays are in full swing in The Potting Shed At The Root Cellar; The Christmas Tree forest has appeared-with a huge selection of trees, fresh wreaths and holiday greens, and of course carols and candy canes for the kids – Stop by for a visit and start your season with a local focus!  While you’re here we can of course help you out with your holiday gift shopping, poinsettias, amaryllis, paper whites and perhaps some flowers for your sweetie (or book your centerpiece for Christmas dinner while you’re at it).

Market News-Sept 17th-24th, 2014

weekly MARKET NEWS on clearDirt Cheap This Week. September 17th-24th, 2014

It’s a sunny autumn morning here at the Rootcellar and things are happening!

A huge order of tomatoes has just arrived with all sorts of wonderful varieties: Campari Tomatoes, San Marzano Tomatoes, Mini San Marzano tomatoes, Yellow Campari Tomatoes, On the Vine Tomatoes, and Grape and Cherry Tomatoes of all colours, shapes, and sizes!

5lb Flats of BC Strawberries are in steady supply, enjoy the tastes of summer while they last!

Locally grown parsnips have started rolling in from our friends at Michell’s farm… think of all the great fall recipes!

Pear lovers will be happy to hear that we have just received more new crop pears from our friends at PT Fruit growers up in Oliver: Bartlett, Anjou, and Bosc will all be here in abundance.

If you are looking for fall recipes to inspire your grocery shopping, check out the recipe archive on our website .

Stay tuned for more exciting news, or visit our facebook page at for daily updates.

Market News-May 14th-21st, 2014

weekly MARKET NEWS on clear

Welcome to another edition of Market News.

It’s an exciting week at The Root Cellar.. the FIRST OF SEASON arrivals of BC grown vegetables are pouring in.. Bunched Spinach, Bok Choy, Shanghai Bok Choy, and Organic Green Kale have already arrived! BC grown bunched Radishes, Asparagus, and Chard are expected later in the week.

We hope for more sunshine.. with warmer weather BC grown Lettuces and Green Onions will be arriving sooner than later! Keep a lookout in store for ’em!

As for the LOCAL goodies in store… we have locally grown Green and Red Kale arriving next week! Tomatoes, cucumbers, mustard greens are in store now, with much more LOCAL on the way!

BC and Local greenhouse items are in abundance at this time of year… the first arrival of BC sweet tooth peppers just came in yesterday!

BC grown Apples are coming to an end, the good news is.. fresh New Crop juicy and crisp apples from New Zealand and Chile are coming in!

Onion lovers will be happy to hear that the famously sweet Georgia Vidalia onions are now in stock for their short season. It’s time to get these fabulous onions while they last!

Hurry over! Wild Harvested fiddle heads are still available but.. not for long!!! The fiddle head season is coming to an end shortly.

Remember to check out Dirt Cheap This Week tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in store, on our facebook page ( or right here on our website! Also just a reminder, that every Wednesday is DOUBLE AD WEDNESDAY! With 2 ads in effect for one day!

See you soon!

Market News-April 30th-May 7th, 2014

weekly MARKET NEWS on clear

Great food news.. the season of abundance is fast approaching, we’re on the brink of getting in lots of local and BC grown goodness.. so soon!!!

The moment you have been waiting for.. BC grown fresh Fiddleheads are coming soon! Keep a lookout in store during the beginning of May for these tasty and nutritious greens!

Last year, the Okanagan was hit hard by stormy weather.. sadly many soft fruit crops were ruined by hail. However, this year things are looking bright! Our friends in the Okanagan have told us that it’s been a great season so far! That’s the kind of news that makes us smile!!!

Stone fruit season is on the way.. Keep a lookout for nectarines and peaches! Coming soon.. Yay!

A rare treat at this time of year.. sweet pomegranates from Chile are in store now. Yum!

Tomatoes galore are in store! Dirt cheap this week are cherry, grape and on-the-vine tomatoes. Make your own salsas, sauces, add ’em to your salads, have ’em for breakfast! Do you love tomatoes as much as we do?!

It’s been tricky to find arugula out there.. but our team has sourced some out just for you! These popular greens are in store now.

Speaking of greens.. grow your own! T’is the season to get gardening-get planting in the sunshine! We have plants, veggie starts ..lots of GREENS!.. herbs and seeds galore at The Potting Shed.

We have a very special guest coming to The Root Cellar this Sunday… Local author of “Zero-Mile Diet” Carolyn Herriot will be at The Potting Shed on Sunday, May 4th, from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Carolyn will be sharing 30 years worth of tips & tricks for successful home-grown food production. You will learn about many new food choices for your garden and healthful ways to serve home-grown fruits & vegetables to your family. Bring your questions about how to maximize yields & save seeds for future harvests! Carolyn’s other books include the “Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook” and “On the Garden Path”. Her books, seeds & veggie starts  can be found at The Potting Shed. See you on Sunday!

Our team is on the hunt for some special asparagus.. special how? Stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted right here on the next Weekly Market News. Also on our website blog ( and on our facebook page (

Until next time.. Enjoy the sunshine & EAT YOUR GREENS!


Market News-April 16th-23rd, 2014

weekly MARKET NEWS on clear

Last week we saw our neighbour, Mr. Galey, getting the fields ready for the bunched carrots and early potatoes! Yipee!

The tomatoes at SunWing Farm, are ripe and ready to be picked! These fresh tomatoes are just days away from arriving in store! Keep a lookout!

It’s your last chance to fill up on Local Brassica Greens. They are on their way out.. we’d say you have about a week or so left. Get ‘em before the season is over!

Mustard Greens, have you seen ‘em around? Lucky for you, we’ve got this local and organic green! Sauté these healthy greens as a side for your next dish.

Add some refreshing crunch to your salad! Local long English cucumbers keep on coming in abundance!

Our Team is sourcing out some brown crimini mushrooms this very moment. There seems to be a shortage.. but we’re happy to say our Team has just sought some out, just for you!

We’ve got BC tomatoes galore in store! and BC bell peppers too! Keep a lookout for dirt cheap pricing for these BC veggies.. just sayin’!

Grow your own tomatoes this season! We’ve got tomato starts at The Potting Shed. Just a reminder.. it is likely too early to plant them now, so keep them in the garage or on the kitchen window sill until the nights become warmer!

Some of you have been waiting all to eat… P.E.I. potatoes! We have the reds, the yellows and of course the russets! Yay!

Fresh and tasty artichokes are in store now! They are jumbo, you can’t miss ‘em!

We have an exciting new product from California this week.. extra large PINK ZEBRA LEMONS- a must try!  Also fava beans, and English peas, to name a few.

Exotic fruit news..Sour sop, Jackfruit and mangosteen are all hot items in store now! Get ‘em while quantities last.

More fresh culinary delights are on the way.. Fresh curry leaves, galangal, young ginger and turmeric.

It’s time to start making rhubarb pies & crumbles! Fresh dark red & crisp Local rhubarb is here! Happy baking!