Hi Root Cellar Community,

Let’s talk about global warming. Just kidding, let’s talk about blueberries! Specifically, BC Grown blueberries and that first pint of the season (it’s NOW, they’re HERE!). You know the one that you buy with excitement to share with your family or your roommate… but that you accidentally eat every last berry of in the car on the way home? I am confident that every single blueberry lover amongst us has made this blunder, or repeats this blunder every year. So do yourself a favour, buy two or three pints and put one in the back seat. While you’re at it, grab some whipping cream (no, not the kind in the can) and some of ‘the good maple syrup’ and you can pretty much not make dinner tonight.

OR you can just ride your bike to The Root Cellar, then you’ve handled global warming and the ‘I ate all the blueberries on the way home’ crisis in one fell swoop!</p>

XO Daisy