Hi Root Cellar Community,



These aren’t new ideas, but this IS our first Covid Christmas.  We are staying home, we are having smaller gatherings and cooking smaller dinners.  

We live in a community rich in entrepreneurs, where you see independent coffee shops thriving across the road from Starbucks.  Everyone knows a small business owner, and likely by this point, knows one who is struggling or has perished due to the pandemic’s impact on our economy.  

No, you can’t buy everything locally, it’s time consuming, sometimes it’s more expensive, and you can’t always find what you’re looking for.  You are not a jerk if you aren’t a die hard local-ist.  BUT, you can buy some things locally, perhaps a few more things than you did last year,  perhaps more than a few.  

Please know that for each of those things that you go out of your way to buy from close to home, an entrepreneur is grateful, their small business stands a better chance of surviving this thing, and they’re touched by your actions, not just your dollars.  

As both an entrepreneur, a friend to many small business owners, and an avid local shopper, know that this is THE TRUTH.  Your impact will be felt this holiday season and is a gift to our community. 

And we’re grateful.

XO Warmly,