We’ve had a lot of wonderful staff over the years, all leaving their mark with us, but many of them for just a moment.  I think of these ones as birds.  Birds that came to The Root Cellar, contributed to the filling of our nest & the growing of our family tree, but who ultimately were here to acquire what they needed to further spread their wings in a direction not ours.  My hope is that we contributed to them as they contributed to us, and that they left better equipped for their path. Maybe with elevated skills, maybe with new friends, maybe with an increased love for food sustainability or just a new pentiant for perfectly ripe ataulfo mangos or the ability to choose just the right watermelon.  

And then there are the ones who stay.  The Team Members who are drawn to be a part of this greater thing we are doing. They feel The Root Cellar Values in their bones, they get fired up about kiwi berry season, they send us photos from vacations of farms they’ve visited and new things they’ve tasted; the ones who’s veins flow with green sauce.  

This cohort, ‘the stayers,’ is on our minds this week as we celebrate Danny’s 10 year anniversary working with us.  He came to us as a bright eyed (and hilarious) 21 year old, dreaming and scheming alongside us as a young member of the Root Cellar family. Now with a young family of his own, with 2 lovely little boys; it has been an absolute pleasure to grow alongside Danny’s growth. 

An exciting upside of opening a second location later this year in Cook Street Village, is being able to offer more growth opportunities to our stayers, and of course being able to welcome many more. 

Danny, (poor guy, imagine if he doesn’t read these!) It is with great pleasure that we congratulate you on this milestone.  We appreciate your spending ten years of your life with us, contributing to this company that you’re such a part of. Not a branch of our tree, but a tree in the same forest. 


Daisy + Adam