Five years ago a woman walked into The Root Cellar looking for a job.  This woman was extremely qualified and possessed a breadth of fascinating experience, but seeing no role of the caliber she was accustomed to, she applied for a job as a cashier, our only opening at the time. Because sometimes when somewhere feels like home, you just need to make it so. 

And this is the story as she tells it.  Susie just had to work here, and she would find a way to make it work until she could show us what she had to offer us.  With a fire in her belly (have you met Susie??), you can imagine this didn’t take long, in fact she didn’t work a single day as a cashier.  I was called into her interview because ‘her resume was interesting’ and we knew that she was right, her home was here.  So we created a role, that she quickly outgrew, so we created another one where she got nice and comfortable, and where she has shone as Marketing + Communications Manager.   A role where many know and love her and can attest to her strengths keeping The Root Cellar looking it’s best and keeping our community informed and connected.

But Susie eats her vegetables; she’s a grower, she doesn’t believe in ceilings.  You can’t put Susie in the corner, even with a lovely farm view.  Luckily we don’t believe in ceilings either, and during this past few years of pandemic and business growth, a time of remarkable accomplishment but a fair shake of strain, Susie has been by our side, thriving, as she does.

So we are getting creative, and making more space for Susie (she’s like one of those fish that keeps growing if you buy it a bigger bowl), with the creation of a new role (stay tuned.. Or can we get clear on a title in time?), leaving her prior desk empty… 

Enter YOU? Do you belong here? Are you our new Marketing & Communications Manager?

We know you’re out there and we cannot wait to meet you.  And yes you’ll be working directly for Susie (and closely with us), you’re going to love it!

We look forward to meeting you!


Daisy + Adam