Comparison is the thief of joy they say.  Maybe in the context of grocery shopping ‘they’ can be wrong.

As we are all surrounded by increasing costs, at your grocery store, at the gas pump, and with no apparent end in sight, we are seeking to give you some comfort that we are doing ALL that we can to keep costs approachable to our customers. While also seeking your understanding; that as a small business, that costs are increasing on the ‘front end’ because they are being driven up at the back end. Labour costs have skyrocketed, fuel surcharges, and of course wholesale pricing are just a few of thel things that we have to manage in our quest to deliver pricing that is fair to both our customers and our farmers & suppliers. 

Being a small business has both massive advantages and disadvantages.  We can implement a new pricing program overnight, it doesn’t have to be approved by head office, we don’t have to navigate a ton of red tape – if we want to make a change, we CAN, and we ARE.  We also have the advantage of relationships, we buy from over 200 small growers and makers.  We KNOW who grew and made your food (humans with families and mortgages, like us). But we also know,  that THEIR costs have skyrocketed as well.  The advantage that we do not have is buying power. We have two stores, not 200 – and volume is the name of the game when you are negotiating lower costs.  Volume and RELATIONSHIPS.  So we are working harder than ever to deliver you pricing that you can get excited about, but please know that this will never be at the cost of the wellbeing of our growers and makers. 

We NEED people excited to grow and make our food, we NEED these people to have a sustainable livelihood, we need them to know and feel how appreciated they are, and what a contribution they are making to our community, the sustainability of our food systems, and really… our survival – ‘cause you gotta eat.

In an effort to showcase how competitive some of our new pricing is we will be providing pricing comparisons with local grocery competitors (anonymously – we have to keep it classy!) in our ad pricing. Perhaps rather than being the thief of joy, it can bring you joy.

At the end of the day we will ALWAYS stand behind our vision of being your destination market for extraordinary food experiences. We will ALWAYS believe that a visit to the market can, and should be looked forward to.  If it’s not the live music, or the lively staff, or the impact you know you’re having shopping locally; If pricing has you down, know that we are working to change that, and we appreciate your taking the time to read this and to understand what goes into bringing you prices that you can do a little dance about, if the live music isn’t already doing that for you.


Daisy + Adam