Hi Root Cellar Community,

This Saturday evening we find out whether Adam & I are official ‘Greater Victoria Business Persons Of The Year.’

We have collected a solid handful of awards over the years, but this one is fun, it’s us TOGETHER, as we set out, so I am finding myself a bit excited about it. Most of our awards are for ‘things we accomplished’, not WHO WE ARE. And I do believe that we are only finalists because WHO WE ARE is exactly who we are. You can choose to present a certain version of yourself that reflects ideally on your business and your community, or you can choose to run a business that is complimented by your way of being, your values, and your voice.

This award honours business persons who exhibit business leadership and vision, who display a significant commitment to the success of both their business and the region as a whole; who serve as positive role models or mentors for other business people; who demonstrate leadership and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic; and who display a commitment to the community.

This award criterion is a LOT. It also excludes the reality that there are no successful business people without amazing teams behind and beside them; teams we are grateful for every single day. But at the end of the day we sleep well at night because what matters isn’t awards, it’s the example we set for our children, the opportunities we are able to create in our industry, and the positive impact we make in our community. If we weren’t loud enough about it to earn a crown, we won’t lose a wink of sleep, and I won’t have to deal with ‘crown hair’, ugh.

Because it’s still fun-times-with-covid, we will be dressing up and watching from our living room this Saturday evening – so you can find out right along with us if you like (click here to watch on Chek)… . if we are in fact, the fairest in the land.


Daisy + Adam