Hi Root Cellar Community!

A quick and massive thanks for the outpouring of support after our previous letter. Your compassion, understanding and gratitude mean the world to us as we flex & grow our way through this experience.

The Root Cellar exists because of our shared passion for mealtime.
Ours, and yours.

Right now we are isolated with our families, unable to visit restaurants & restricted from distractions.

What if we let this be an opportunity?

What if we cook meals together with loved ones, make a big mess, get sauce on our favourite shirt, and burn things a little because we were so busy laughing.

What if we splurge on a nice piece of cheese to share?

What if we eat slowly, savouring both our food, the people we share it with, and the stories told over the table. What if we take this opportunity to reconnect as families?

Imagine what could happen then?

With warmth & gratitude,
Adam & Daisy Orser
The Root Cellar Owners