Hi Root Cellar Community

I remember being so grateful that Covid ‘struck’ us last year right before Spring Break. It was comforting, with so much unknown swirling about us, to have our kids home, safe and sound as we navigated.

And now we’re here again, it’s our second of many Covid seconds. So much has changed, but we are still navigating a pandemic, something we couldn’t imagine would still be a reality at this time last year. Not only is it our reality, it feels quite normal.

So I thought I’d speak to NORMAL for a minute…. Spring break is such a scarce opportunity to spread our wings, to scratch those itches, but in the interest of resuming normalcy, we need to NOT get too normal, too soon.

The sun is shining, spring is in the air, we’re all feeling lighter and brighter; we are all dreaming of a more normal summer, so let’s tow the line now. Instead of your normal spring break of vacations with friends, or other group activities you look forward to, maybe we make it normal, by just making a normal grilled cheese, and enjoying it in sunshine in the garden, with a great beer. Still relaxing, still rejuvenating, still delicious.
*we personally like ours made on Local Loaf with a side of Saltspring Kitchen Spicy Tomato Jam, or Green Sauce.

Daisy + Adam