Hi Root Cellar Community,

We’re pretty sure that most of you have tried our Green Sauce, you may dabble in Mean Sauce, or enjoy our house made Chop Shop sausages, salads and other goodies.

These are our Root Cellar ‘secret sauce’, quite literally; they’re some of the reasons we hope you get in your car and make the trip to our little market on the corner. These are products we make with care, that we hope you love, that you cannot get anywhere else.

They’re things that we hope brighten both your day and your plate, that hopefully get to share the stage of some of your favourite food memories. We’re shoot for the stars people, so if this isn’t the case, if you don’t celebrate your life’s milestones with Green Sauce, that’s okay too, but we’ll keep dreaming.

We understand that everything on your plate can’t be the star of the show. We all need onions in our lives, they make everything better, so does salt, so does butter. These are the supporting cast, they’re vital to the success of your meals, but they aren’t YOUR MEAL. You never say ‘hey come over for dinner we’re having tomato sauce!’ But you always have it on hand; how often do you cook a dinner without salt or onions?

We’ve been working on a project to shine a light on these staples, the ingredients that make everything better. Their role is to make the big guns shine, they don’t get a lot of credit, but we feel that credit is due.

Enter COMMON, a house brand brought to you by The Root Cellar. These are things we think you can’t live without, they are the building blocks of everyday meals. COMMON belongs in every pantry, these things are there with you when you make your kid’s lunches, or throw together a quick dinner on a Tuesday. They’re COMMON, but these are also the things you can lean on to make meals amazing. They’re just what you needed.

We’ll be quietly rolling out a selection of Root Cellar COMMON items over the next few months, keep your eye out for they’re playful, they’re tasty, and they’re for everyone.

Love is Love,
Daisy & Adam