Hi Root Cellar Community,

We are life long lovers of food experiences, of tastes that plant themselves in your memory in unforgettable ways. Sometimes these memories form because of the experience you were having whilst eating a certain food, but sometimes the memory IS THE FOOD ITSELF.

We all have flavours that define certain phases of our lives.. I was raised vegan so I have home made nut milk memories, lots of lovely pesto party memories, sprinkled with a few wheat grass and kombucha horror stories (dreading a friend visiting accidentally opening THAT kitchen cupboard, making me have to explain what that THING is festering in the big jar of murky liquid.. way before kombucha was cool). I don’t have nostalgic memories of being cared for with homemade chicken soup, but I do crave brown rice goddess bowls, and miso ramen with tofu when I am under the weather. We don’t always get to choose what ‘food memories’ will take root, but I like to think that we have some influence.

Enter our ambitions for Green Sauce. Green Sauce isn’t just a secret recipe you see, it’s THE SECRET. The Green Sauce project when it was embarked on had lofty goals… My husband Adam was the mastermind of this project, looking for a condiment we could make in house featuring fresh herbs & produce to compliment our Peruvian rubbed rotisserie chickens in The Chop Shop. It was important to us that it be something that elevated people’s experience of food, that would compliment an array of meals and contribute positively to peoples food memories, that would make it’s mark… we strove for that condiment that makes everything better, makes boring food great. This was a tiny bit of pressure, but that’s how we roll, and I know that when we go away my first meal when I return always includes green sauce – because it tastes like home. My children’s memories will be laden with green sauce.

This year we introduced our VEGAN green sauce to much fan fare (we were a touch worried, so THANK YOU for loving it up as much as we do), and as a reformed vegan I invite EVERYONE to take a walk on the wild side (and save 1$!) and give this version a try – we promise it is what dreams are made of; some say it’s even better than the original

Based on the 24,000 tubs of green sauce you all bought last year, we have a hunch that you may be creating some green sauce memories of your own. Our hope is that they’re the GOOD food memories and that they stay with you forever.