Hi Root Cellar Community,

Finding ourselves together in this place in this time of upheaval, of change, of unknowns, and of uncertainty but also of hope, of rejuvenation and optimism can be overwhelming. Both participating in and observing the rate of change, growth and curiosity in the world is astounding.

I feel like more than ever, I am really very okay with not travelling this summer, with not creating big giant new memories for my family. I find myself craving tradition, the familiar, anchoring my roots because so much of my world is changing and so much of me is changing. Having my feet firmly anchored on healthy, familiar soil is where I need to be, surrounded by my family.

So my plans this summer are to re-familiarize with the amazing things we take for granted, our family that is HERE, the beautiful parts of this island that are HERE, the abundance of our growing region, HERE. So I will be taking my kids to pick berries like when they were little, and we will be cooking and baking all of our favourite things, not in a frenzy because we need to be somewhere, but because THAT is the highlight of our day.

June may be my favourite food season. If I’d had a daughter I wanted to call her June. (I have 3 sons however, who will be at my side in the kitchen and the berry field and I can’t wait). June is Strawberries, it’s Rhubarb, it’s the first Blueberries and the first Cherries. I am a lover of all fresh produce. I love zucchini too, but there’s something about produce you can pop directly from the plant into your mouth, that needs no adornment or pairing or seasoning or cooking to be at it’s best. The only reason we cook strawberries at all I believe is to stretch out the season as long as we possibly can (and PLEASE do… please be someone who cans and freezes and bakes and takes strawberry season into the rest of the year with you).

When we close our eyes in the future and think back on June of 2020, we’ll be flooded with history making memories, augmented by the actions we took, how we rose to this experience, and all of the feelings that accompany this time… but let’s let the tastes and flavours that come with those memories be of savoured fresh berries, not just ‘whatever was in the fridge’.

I am sharing some of my favourite strawberry and rhubarb recipes today… though rhubarb is quite the opposite to a strawberry in many ways because it needs to be paired and adorned to be enjoyed, but what a pair they are together!