Hi Root Cellar Community,

When I first met Adam, his grandmother wouldn’t call me Daisy, she thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS To call me ALL of the other flowers, but not Daisy. After she’d had her fun with Petunia, Rose, Violet & Marigold she landed on Dahlia, and stuck it out. I eventually earned Daisy from her, but if I did something that she found ridiculous (like fed my kids tofu, or dried my laundry in the dryer not on a line, or wasted ANY crab when I was shucking) she’d take this jokingly exasperated tone with me and say ‘Oh Dahlia…’ clearly meaning ‘must I teach you everything?’

Well yes, isn’t that what grandmothers are for?

Flo may not have been a grandmother I was born with, but I’m of the camp that you can’t get enough love, and I’ll take all the grandmothering I can’t get. So yes please, teach me everything. Teach me all the things I need to know, and please a few that I don’t, because sometimes it’s not about the result (belts made out of pop can tabs?) but about the desire to impart. She taught me how to shuck crab (properly!), how to make cake using tomato soup (yup that’s a thing)…. and to can peaches.

So here I am at the start of both local dahlia season & Okanagan peach season; quite possibly the best time of year, and a time that brings memories of grandmothers to mind in the best of ways.

If you have a grandma in your bubble, maybe bring her a bunch of these gorgeous blooms. And a peach.