Hi Root Cellar Community, I feel like you’ve gotten to know me better than I realize over the past year. You reach out and say hi when you’re shopping in the store, you share stories about things you know we share in common or an anecdote you know I’ll appreciate. And I love it so so much, and I thank you so much. But I feel that I’ve been a bit greedy. You see, this is the ADAM & DAISY show, not ‘the Daisy Show.’ I merely like talking wayyyy more than Adam does so you get to know me a lot better. I was trying to think of the best way to describe our partnership – people are always so curious how we have managed to live (25yrs) & work (20+yrs) together successfully. Adam once wrote me a note calling me ‘the ying to his yang, the ting to his tang’, and really, that sums it up quite beautifully. We can fluff it out and say that I’m the heart of The Root Cellar, and he is the soul (sapppppy), but the fact of the matter is that our strengths and our passions just complement the other’s really well. My world is marketing, community building, sustainability, brand development, and the details. Adam’s world is business & leadership development, procurement, human resources, the numbers, and the big picture. We are BOTH entrepreneurs to our bones, creative, and easily excited about what we do each day. So please know, that I’m OUT HERE making it look good, and he’s BACK THERE making it happen, but we can’t imagine it any other way. It has always been the Adam & Daisy show, and it always will be. What’s icing without cake right? Warmly, Daisy (+ Adam) We are excited to be ‘baking a new cake’ together at Oxford Corner in Cook Street Village this year, and are also excited to announce that we have been nominated for ‘Business Persons Of The Year’ for the upcoming Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. We’ve won a few awards over the past thirteen years, but this one hits us in the heart having had the year we just faced as entrepreneurs. We’re so touched to have been nominated, thank you for that. Our submission requires letters in support of our nomination, and though we’ve received many touching letters over the past year, I am humbled to ask that you share some words if you feel like this award is deserved. The criterion for the award is below, should you feel inclined to share your thoughts on the matter, please reply to this email, or send to communicate@therootcellar.ca. BUSINESS PERSONS OF THE YEAR: Exhibit business leadership & vision. Display significant commitment to the success of both their business and the region as a whole. Serve as positive role models or mentors for other business people. Demonstrate leadership & resilience during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Display a commitment to the community. Make yummy green Sauce (just kidding – I made that one up!). XO D&A