Hi Root Cellar Family,

They say ‘the way to the heart is through the stomach’… After all, what is more nurturing than being fed? What is more satisfying than feeding those you care about? This act of eating + feeding is far more intimate than we acknowledge. So let’s get real. FOOD IS LOVE.

We have been working closely with The Rainbow Kitchen for nine years. Sharing food, sharing love.
Our relationship with RK has always been tight, mutually invigorating, and rewarding. Together, we have been feeding people.

A couple of years ago we hired this ray of sunshine, Patrick. His time with us was a pleasure, but was brief as he followed his heart… to The Rainbow Kitchen. We couldn’t have been happier to lose this gem of a Team Member to exactly the place where he belongs. At the helm of the Rainbow Kitchen, Patrick is positively beaming with enthusiasm; we couldn’t be happier to be working with him, to continue our relationship, and to make more, bigger, better, impact in our community in the years to come, together.

The Rainbow Kitchen loves what we love; sustainable food systems, food waste reduction, and the elimination of food insecurity. We plan to make big waves with this little romance and we hope you can feel it.

Whatever your love language may be, food-love, flower-love, or a walk-in-the-forest-love (well, now you know mine!), spread some around this Valentines Day – so many are isolated right now, and a little love goes a long way.

With LOVE,