Hi Root Cellar Community,

I was the kid with the weird lunches. I feverishly traded my dried fruit for twinkies, I had to negotiate hard to swap my squirrelly bread PB+J sandwich (that was brown-on-brown because the homemade jam was sweetened with honey), for anything on wonderbread. I didn’t try cheez whiz until I was 12 (which is much too late, because eeeeww), but I did have a brief romance with Mr Noodles toward the end of high school that I can’t deny.

I was nervous to have friends for dinner because nobody knew what tempeh was, our milk was made of nuts, there wasn’t a speck of sugar to be seen, and I was sick of explaining why we had wheatgrass growing in the kitchen. So I learned to hide the kombucha mother before anyone saw it, I’d spend my allowance on trashy pudding cups and hide them in my bedroom; but I had one ‘weird hippy snack’ that I was proud of, that everyone always loved, that I became a bit notorious for in the school yard. It helped my wear-my-weird with pride. Nooch-Pride.

Home made popcorn with grass fed butter (the only dairy in the house), generously sprinkled with nutritional yeast (this was before it became known as Nooch I think), and maybe some spike or asafoetida… This isn’t just a comfort food for me, it’s the taste of my childhood. Like a soundtrack, but edible.

I’m hard pressed to buy packaged food that I can easily make at home, especially when it’s usually better. But when I stumbled upon ‘Nooch Pop’ (made in Vancouver, by clearly kindred spirits) the game changed. It’s my childhood in a bag, it’s some of my fondest memories packaged, it’s freaking delicious.

I’m also hard pressed to over-endorse a product, but these are trying times. It’s raining, we’re eating in, we’re nervous about numbers and variants, some of you are probably bored. So I invite you shamelessly, with pride actually, to get to know me a little better, (you on your couch, me on mine)… let’s NETFLIX + NOOCH.


PS: Either buy a few bags, or have a strategy to hide it from your family…
PPS: The Kinda Garlic is my current fave.