Hi Root Cellar Community,

When I was a kid, I had a friend whose birthday was on April Fools Day. I was jealous, and felt she had won the birthday-lottery… it was just, very cool. And then I grew up, and was in labour with our second son ON April Fools day, silently praying that he wouldn’t be born that day (he was born on the 2nd), because I didn’t know him yet, maybe he’d hate sharing his day with all the trickery?

Here we are, another lap around the sun for me; I venture into 42 this weekend. And it’s Earth Day tomorrow. We don’t share the same day, but if I’m going to share a WEEK with an occasion, I am pretty darn pleased about it being Earth Day.

Last year I told you a story about me, and birthday gifts. Adam sums it up really well when he is asked ‘what should I get her.’ He says, ‘get her something meaningful or something big; just don’t get her a box of chocolates’. MEANINGFUL is home-made, sentimental, a treasure, a book you loved, something from your heart or made with your hands. Something BIG is, well, like Solar Panels.

I am still wallowing in the 112 Solar Panels that arrived for my birthday last year (both big AND meaningful), and invite you to enjoy them with me. They’re hilariously quite camouflaged up there on the roof at The Root Cellar, but they’re working hard, doing good, and making impact, especially this past sunny week. They’re like my new pets, low maintenance, eager to please, shiny… I love them. So this year, bring on the home made cards, and the walks in the forest. I’m in it for meaningful, and whatever that may mean to the people I love.

It saddens me that we’ve been appreciating the earth for only 51 years. I feel like the earth deserves meaningful AND big celebrations… to make up for lost time. Let’s be more mindful this week of our footprints, of what matters, and of the health of this beautiful planet we take for granted. Then let’s stay there, let this frame of mind become our constant. If you need motivation, make it your meaningful gift to me. It would mean the world.