Hi Root Cellar Community,

I am pretty excited to be talking about something other than Covid-19! Having cancelled St Patricks Day and barely acknowledged Easter, we are not willing to overlook our favourite holiday of them all…this Wednesday April 22nd is EARTH DAY. As our focuses have never shifted and changed so drastically before, one change that I find myself constantly aware of is how vital and nurturing nature is to me during times of stain.

I am not certain if the birds outside my window are louder than usual, or if I am just appreciating them more, but I cannot imagine starting my day without them. Where I previously may have gone out for a meal or a drink, I find myself seeking solace in the forest, or at the ocean’s edge when I need restoration.

As always, our focus on sustainable business practices, and food sustainability in general are top of mind as we head toward Earth Day, and we are excited to share tips, tricks and some of our very favourite products here and on our social media this week to help you make more of your meals, your food investments, and your time in the kitchen. We are excited to have our friends from Abeego doing an Instagram takeover on Earth Day to share their vast knowledge as experts in produce longevity, and look forward to learning from them alongside you.

I love the idea that the earth is benefiting from our social isolation. I hope that globally we see the impact we can make in restoring the earth’s vitality in a short period of time by being more conscientious of our actions, and that this awareness is one that we don’t soon abandon. Perhaps on the other side of this, we won’t be so intimidated by the massive undertaking of combating global warming and will be able to approach it with a ‘look what we can do’ attitude, because LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO.

XO Daisy