2000 lbs Orange Donation Inspired by Customer Kindness

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Inspired by the thoughtfulness of one of our customers, we donated 2000 lbs (a full pallet) of oranges to the Mustard Seed Food Bank this week!  Mary-Ellen Lundgren posted the following comment on our Facebook page (@rootcellar) on a post launching our annual 12 Days of Holiday Savings – navel oranges were the fruit of choice for Day 1, on sale for 49 cents/lb this past Wednesday.

Mary-Ellen Lundgren FB Message: “If anyone stops by and has some extra $$ on hand, consider picking up a few for your local shelter or food bank! I dropped a bag off to the Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank because at this price, it’s affordable for me and something that a lot of people utilizing food banks can only dream about. Food banks get donations of produce but it is often the unsold reduced produce. Hey, I’ve got nothing against that stuff, I bought two clearance pineapples and 2 packs of clearance avocados too, but imagine the look on a person’s face when they are used to getting clearance and instead there are these glorious, fresh, fragrant, beautiful balls of sunshine to brighten up their hamper!”

Co-owner Daisy Orser said “I was immediately notified of the comment by our marketing lead as our corporate culture revolves around ‘calling out the good’, she knew I would love this one and would want to reach out, check out this site…”

Daisy Orser FB Message: Mary-Ellen this message warms our hearts!!💚 Your thoughtfulness is very touching – we will be sharing your note with our team, and hope that our customers too are as touched by your kind & thoughtful gesture! The oranges are cheap, but kindness is free! Happy holidays to you & your family! #peopleAREgood #kindnessmakestheworldgoround

Daisy continued “An enthusiastic private conversation ensued for we are firm believers that kindness is contagious, and the ball was now in our court. Within an hour we were in contact with the Food Share Network to discuss the donation of a full pallet of said oranges (2000 lbs in total) to the Mustard Seed Distribution Centre.”  Brenda Bolton of the Food Share Network said “This generous thoughtful gift of ‘Mary Ellen’s Oranges’ will be very much appreciated by the 43 non-profit agencies participating in the Food Rescue Project, and by the 35,000 the agencies serve”.

At the request of the Orser’s, The Victoria Foundation which manages the food security fund, in turn supporting the Food Share Network, has set up a dedicated Canada Helps page (https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/m/36922/donation) in the hope that this will inspire The Root Cellar’s customers, community and competitors, to contribute anything from a pinch to a pallet, inspired by Mary Ellen and her oranges.