Market News-Nov 26th-Dec 3rd, 2014.

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The holiday season is upon us and December is fast approaching – local produce is getting harder to find but take a look at these numbers – We always choose local first and are proud to offer this selection in November! Amongst these numbers you will find a selection of over 20 varieties of Okanagan Apples and 3 types of Okanagan Pears to satisfy your sweet tooth … all of them crisp and delicious!  This week we’re expecting a new variety.. the JONA RED.. we can’t wait to try it!

Local count 54. BC produce count 60. Organics count 104.

It’s TURKEY TIME! YES we have Locally Raised, Free Range, Grain Fed, Hormone & Antibiotic Free FRESH TURKEYS available to book for your holiday feast! And YES local turkey TASTES BETTER! But we’re wondering if FREE TURKEY tastes even better… if you PRE-BOOK your turkey, you will be entered to win it for FREE – so you can let us know!  Please visit our Chop Shop Meat Market, a full service butcher shop and deli determined to make you hungry.

Island Grown Fresh Christmas Trees have arrived – The holidays are in full swing in The Potting Shed At The Root Cellar; The Christmas Tree forest has appeared-with a huge selection of trees, fresh wreaths and holiday greens, and of course carols and candy canes for the kids – Stop by for a visit and start your season with a local focus!  While you’re here we can of course help you out with your holiday gift shopping, poinsettias, amaryllis, paper whites and perhaps some flowers for your sweetie (or book your centerpiece for Christmas dinner while you’re at it).

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