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When to buy organic… That is the question! Here’s one of our favourite references for knowing when and how to make the healthiest choices!

Dirty Dozen & Clean 15
MEET YOUR MAKER - Saltspring
The holiday season is upon us and December is fast approaching – local produce is getting harder to find but take a look at these numbers – We always choose local first and are proud to offer this selection in November! Amongst these numbers you will find a selection of over 20 varieties of Okanagan Apples and 3 types of Okanagan Pears to satisfy your sweet tooth … all of them crisp and delicious!  This week we’re expecting a new variety.. the JONA RED.. we can’t wait to try it!

LOCAL COUNT!  nov 25th 14
We Love Apples, 2013
LOCAL COUNT!  - oct 22 14
Fiddleheads are here
Come by and try Fresh is Best chips, salsas and dips! Yum! In store demo TODAY Saturday, May 10th, from 11am to 5pm. See you soon!

Fresh is Best


Wheel cracking demo and sampling of Manchego Cheese TODAY, Sunday May 11th, at 1:00 p.m! Manchego is a popular Spanish cheese made of Sheep’s milk, aged for 3 months – it is supple and moist, the flavour is fruity with a tangy note. See you soon!
CHOP SHOP-Manchego Cheese