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weekly MARKET NEWS on clear

Great food news.. the season of abundance is fast approaching, we’re on the brink of getting in lots of local and BC grown goodness.. so soon!!!

The moment you have been waiting for.. BC grown fresh Fiddleheads are coming soon! Keep a lookout in store during the beginning of May for these tasty and nutritious greens!

Last year, the Okanagan was hit hard by stormy weather.. sadly many soft fruit crops were ruined by hail. However, this year things are looking bright! Our friends in the Okanagan have told us that it’s been a great season so far! That’s the kind of news that makes us smile!!!

Stone fruit season is on the way.. Keep a lookout for nectarines and peaches! Coming soon.. Yay!

A rare treat at this time of year.. sweet pomegranates from Chile are in store now. Yum!

Tomatoes galore are in store! Dirt cheap this week are cherry, grape and on-the-vine tomatoes. Make your own salsas, sauces, add ’em to your salads, have ’em for breakfast! Do you love tomatoes as much as we do?!

It’s been tricky to find arugula out there.. but our team has sourced some out just for you! These popular greens are in store now.

Speaking of greens.. grow your own! T’is the season to get gardening-get planting in the sunshine! We have plants, veggie starts ..lots of GREENS!.. herbs and seeds galore at The Potting Shed.

We have a very special guest coming to The Root Cellar this Sunday… Local author of “Zero-Mile Diet” Carolyn Herriot will be at The Potting Shed on Sunday, May 4th, from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Carolyn will be sharing 30 years worth of tips & tricks for successful home-grown food production. You will learn about many new food choices for your garden and healthful ways to serve home-grown fruits & vegetables to your family. Bring your questions about how to maximize yields & save seeds for future harvests! Carolyn’s other books include the “Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook” and “On the Garden Path”. Her books, seeds & veggie starts  can be found at The Potting Shed. See you on Sunday!

Our team is on the hunt for some special asparagus.. special how? Stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted right here on the next Weekly Market News. Also on our website blog (www.therootcellar.ca) and on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/rootcellar).

Until next time.. Enjoy the sunshine & EAT YOUR GREENS!


weekly MARKET NEWS on clear

Last week we saw our neighbour, Mr. Galey, getting the fields ready for the bunched carrots and early potatoes! Yipee!

The tomatoes at SunWing Farm, are ripe and ready to be picked! These fresh tomatoes are just days away from arriving in store! Keep a lookout!

It’s your last chance to fill up on Local Brassica Greens. They are on their way out.. we’d say you have about a week or so left. Get ‘em before the season is over!

Mustard Greens, have you seen ‘em around? Lucky for you, we’ve got this local and organic green! Sauté these healthy greens as a side for your next dish.

Add some refreshing crunch to your salad! Local long English cucumbers keep on coming in abundance!

Our Team is sourcing out some brown crimini mushrooms this very moment. There seems to be a shortage.. but we’re happy to say our Team has just sought some out, just for you!

We’ve got BC tomatoes galore in store! and BC bell peppers too! Keep a lookout for dirt cheap pricing for these BC veggies.. just sayin’!

Grow your own tomatoes this season! We’ve got tomato starts at The Potting Shed. Just a reminder.. it is likely too early to plant them now, so keep them in the garage or on the kitchen window sill until the nights become warmer!

Some of you have been waiting all to eat… P.E.I. potatoes! We have the reds, the yellows and of course the russets! Yay!

Fresh and tasty artichokes are in store now! They are jumbo, you can’t miss ‘em!

We have an exciting new product from California this week.. extra large PINK ZEBRA LEMONS- a must try!  Also fava beans, and English peas, to name a few.

Exotic fruit news..Sour sop, Jackfruit and mangosteen are all hot items in store now! Get ‘em while quantities last.

More fresh culinary delights are on the way.. Fresh curry leaves, galangal, young ginger and turmeric.

It’s time to start making rhubarb pies & crumbles! Fresh dark red & crisp Local rhubarb is here! Happy baking!