A Letter from the Owners, September 9th 2020 – Learning Mode ON…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Like every other milestone, holiday & event this year, back to school is feeling strange. For our family (our boys are 13, 16, 18 (foreign student) and 22 (UVIC)) back to school is typically the time of resuming normalcy, of return to comforting routines, of getting up much earlier than I would like and of reading way more emails than can possibly be necessary.

Our back to school 2020 will be remembered for the extraordinary increase in already excessive (yes necessary, but painful) emails, and for it’s complete and utter lack of normalcy, routine and comfort giving. This year is so far from normal, I find myself more under-informed than I would like (I’ll read the emails tonight!) and am much more comforted by my optimism than by our reality. And this is all okay. Because this year is about getting comfortable being uncomfortable, about leaning in and learning, about trusting those whose entire objective is our health and well being, and building this plane as we fly it. At home and in our business.

So bring on this back to school freight train. Our kids may have been home for months, but learning has certainly escalated, not stopped. So let’s do this.

Our kids will be learning math and science again and we will be learning to trust….

Oh, yes, we have all the yummy things for healthy lunches at The Root Cellar and are at the ready with smiles beneath our masks!

Saltspring bagels with herb & garlic Boursin
Crudite veg & Root Cellar Green Sauce
Almost always an apple, whatever is new crop and ‘the crunchiest’ at the time.
Banana brownies.. these are a MUST try
Root Cellar Wonder Cookies – chocolate chunk oatmeal is the slam dunk around here
Bulk organic dried mangoes
Riviera Petit Pot Yogurts
Turkey Pepperoni (locally made by Four Quarters)
If they have access to a microwave we love the Adriana’s veggie burrito (we stock the freezer with them)
And our little one (I still choke when I say teenager… his birthday was just a few days ago) is obsessed with Mermaid Tears Babes Kombucha but can’t eat our Wonder Cookies so that will be his ‘treat’