A Letter from the Owners, September 30th 2020 – Baking cookies…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

It has really surprised me how much I have enjoyed writing these letters each week. Though I was motivated to create connection with our community by the chaos of Peak-Covid (as we’ve come to call it around here), I find myself extremely hesitant to stop even though the dust has settled a bit, and our intention had been that this be temporary.. ..

The generous and sincere feedback so kindly shared has kept my entrepreneurial flame burning through a time when quite frankly, my family need me more. I suspect that without this connection with you, that I would have taken a step back during this time.

But it turns out that our kids are just fine and I have come to sincerely believe that our boys have learned more under my wing as we have navigated this bizarre terrain professionally, than they would have if I had baked a few more batches of cookies and played a few more rounds of monopoly this spring.

So I share my gratitude once again. Not only for continuing to strongly support our family business, but for supporting me as a messy human and for engaging back during a time of connection depravity.

I was going to write a quick note about how I wasn’t going to write a letter this week because I have a lot on my plate (have you heard?), and sometimes I’m going to choose my family as it’s ‘back to school,’ and I want to be really present with my kids. But here we are, I’ve written a letter, my kids didn’t suffer for it… all while driving the car. Thanks technology (Siri – don’t worry I’m safe!).

And thanks Victoria, lets keep hanging out.
(except for sometimes when I’ve given myself permission to just play monopoly and bake cookies with my kids).

Daisy XO

PS: Extra-super-thanks for all the love about our plans for a new location in Cook Street Village – we’re excited too and working as fast as we can! Our kids are about to learn A LOT!

PPS: Come and check out our ‘modified-pumpkin-mountain’! Due to Covid restraints we have moved the mountain you know and love into the shade house of our garden center. The Potting Shed is a gracious host, and the ‘patch’ is now lit & covered as a bonus!
** Please make sure to read the ‘pumpkin rules of engagement’… we can only have SO much fun.