A Letter from the Owners, September 23rd 2020 – The story of my life…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

This is what happens when you hire a photographer to do one thing and she does another but it’s perfect. I love when you get a glimpse at your life and it shows you that you don’t in fact look like a chicken running around with your head cut off (Adam is the cool-under pressure type, me a BIT less).

Here I am, this is me. It’s nice to meet you.

This photo is the story of my life. Pen in my hair, carrot in my teeth… Doing too many things at once but mostly finding a way to make it work and still smile.

We have a lot on the go in our life right now and this image captures my reality perfectly. It’s all fantastic stuff… But if my head starts spinning and I drop my carrot once in a while please don’t be alarmed.