A Letter from the Owners, October 7th 2020 – Grateful for you…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

I feel like this has been a YEAR of gratitude. Having a weekend dedicated to GIVING THANKS is of course lovely, and I look forward to a day filled with family, cooking and savouring together and all of the chatter, and of course nice wine that comes with it. I worry that I may be sounding like a broken record with all my gratitude, but am not worried enough to hold back of course, so here goes.


This year has left me quite bewildered quite like everyone else, but more than anything it has left me, and kept me, grateful.

We’re grateful that we were able to remain open during this entire Covid-19 saga.
We are grateful we’ve been able to provide reliable jobs.
We are grateful that you’re willing to go out of your way to shop here.
We’re grateful that more of you than ever are making this conscientious choice.
We are grateful that you happily read the signs and play along with our Covid rules of engagement.
We are grateful you are willing to stand in line to get in, sometimes in the rain.

  • though not for long we’re working on it!
    We’re grateful that you wear a mask, even if you don’t have to, because you care about the vulnerable amongst us.
    We’re grateful that you are so so so warm and gracious to our staff.
    We’re grateful that when the .05% of customers who aren’t gracious and communicate hurtfully, you have our backs.
  • seriously, thank you.
    We’re grateful that you share our values.
    We’re grateful that you’ve been tossing more change than ever into our musician’s guitar case.
    We’re grateful that we’ve been able to model for our kids & our community that doing what’s right is the only option.
    We’re grateful that kindness always wins.
    We’re grateful that you love green sauce.
    We’re grateful that you want to know who grew your food.

We’re grateful that you want us, and our little market on the corner, in your life.
This fills us with more joy than you can imagine.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with delicious food prepared & shared with people you care about.
We will be loving the ones we’re with, and holding those we can’t be with, in our hearts.

Daisy & Adam