A Letter from the Owners, October 28th 2020 – Happy Halloween! We’ve got spooktactular eats and treats waiting for you…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Here we are, forging headlong into Halloween weekend, caught in that funny but familiar ebb between weariness + enthusiasm. Balancing excited (and sugar fueled) kids with our caution surrounding Covid exposure is more tricky than treaty, and seems to be compounded by a growing alertness to avoiding criticism.

We are a family of six, our bubble is big-ish. We joke about having shirts made that say WE LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE . So I get it, we’ve probably all been looked at sideways for presumably ‘doing something wrong’ out there in this crazy world.

My kids have outgrown trick or treating sadly, but I’ll be at my door to greet yours without any judgement, wearing my good ol’ red riding hood costume with the addition of a mask. I’ll open the door + ask your kiddos to step back before trying to throw candy into their open bags with sanitized hands… advance apologies if I hit your child with candy!

We all love our kids, we all want them to be, and feel, safe. And we all need them to experience the joys of childhood. So let’s be humans this halloween, and be mindful that the families we pass on the streets out with their children are humans too, with good heads and good hearts, who have thought this through and made the choices best for their bubbles.

**Big kids on the other hand. BE GOOD, don’t mess this up. Please be responsible this weekend.

Happy Halloween!

Daisy XO