A Letter from the Owners, October 21st 2020 – The Dark Side…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

And just like that it’s pumpkins for miles, scarves, and I’ve even seen my breath a few times. I can see all the action at Galey Farms from my office window, we’re all scratching our heads about how to do Halloween this year, we’re counting down to a time change and with it, my least favourite thing about this beautiful time of year, waking up to dark mornings. They’re something I’ve always said I’d prefer to only endure if I’m catching a plane to somewhere wonderful, however we get to live HERE in this beautiful, safe amazing place, so I try not to complain.

When we signed off on our Oxford Corner location, I made a commitment to myself (and a couple of our leadership team) that I would commit to early morning exercise. My primary objective was ensuring that my sanity remains intact and my health on the rails, as we compound our usual chaos of navigating parenting 4 boys & owning an essential service during a pandemic, with opening a second location (during a pandemic) …… however the upsides have been great. I’ve been doing 6am zoom pilates 3 days a week for a month now (sometimes in my PJ’s), and I am slowly becoming friends with dark mornings for a few reasons. I feel fantastic. My productivity on these days is possibly even more encouraging than how good I feel. And I’m putting my oxygen mask on first, something that I’m not particularly good at; yes I have more energy, but it’s such a satisfying energy because it comes from doing something that I love, for myself, without sacrificing anything else (because who am I kidding, I would have been sleeping).

This has nothing to do with vegetables and everything to do with sharing the satisfaction I’ve reaped from leaning in to my loathing of dark mornings; which has me wondering what other upsides are out there? What have I been shying away from because I’ve decided it’s awful, that I may be completely wrong about? I’m comfortable with this one triumph but am open minded about what else is out there….. maybe one day I’ll find a way not to resent doing inventory or taxes?

Bring it on winter (slowly and gently please), it turns out I can do this.


PS: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!