A Letter from the Owners, May 6th, 2020 – Love is all we need…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

So there’s HAVING a mom, and then there’s BEING A MOM.

Having a mom I can’t hug on Mother’s day is crappy.

Having kids at home crisis-schooling themselves while we work longer hours than we have since we opened this little shop on the corner, is extra-super-crappy.

We have three boys. Our eldest is 21 and lives on his own, is going to university in the fall, and works for us full time as a produce manager. Getting to see him regularly at work through this crazy time has been a gift.

Then we have a 12 year old, a freshly minted 16 year old, and an 18 year old foreign student from Spain, who will be with us indefinitely and who feels like one of our own. These three are living in the wild west. Two of them are diligent students, and the third, realizes that he got a get-out-of-jail free card, and happily does the least he can get away with, but plays with the dog a lot, and makes me laugh when I come home from work. Regardless of it all, they make sure to get fresh air each day, get some form of school work done, have acquired phenomenal Netflix fluency, and thankfully have each other for entertainment.

It could be better, they could have parents steering them through this mess, but as it stands, we wake them up to say goodbye and see them again for a late dinner, cooked once a week by them (it gets interesting), after dinner they jump on the clean up – this is something I have been trying to teach them their entire lives and it took a global pandemic for them to make a habit of it. Many nights we also go for a family walk, something the boys’ crazy athletic schedules never allowed for before this. So we’re winning.

I am aware every day that I’m one of the lucky ones. Lucky to have our business open, lucky to have a healthy family to share our home with, lucky to be a mother.

Sunday will be strange. Adam & the boys will do something sweet involving home made cards, fresh air and yummy food. We’ll see my mom & my mother in law from a distance in as lovely a way as we can come up with. But I’m stuck in that place we go right before our babes are born. That ‘just as long as they’re healthy’ place… Flowers are nice, and brunch is lovely, but my family is healthy and my heart is full, I have all that I need.

With love and gratitude for all the Mothers & Others that nurture, inform, inspire & love. Your children are lucky to have you.

Happy Mother’s Day.