A Letter from the Owners, May 4th 2020 – MOTHERS DAY: Does distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Mother’s Day is a pretty big deal. Whomever your mother may be or have been, whether she is still in your life or not, whatever her gifts may be or have been, we are here because of these women that gave us life.

For those of us who are lucky to have our moms nearby, Sunday will be strange.

Is hugging off the table? Can brunch happen? Is your mom elderly? How is her health? Does she love flowers, gardening, or perhaps this year she really just wants to see you in person, from afar, and gifts don’t have the meaning they once did.

These times call for a reinvention of family traditions, but how do we deliver LOVE without contact?

Every time I catch myself thinking ‘I’m fine’ with less contact in my life (I have an immediate family of 6 after all, so it’s not like I’m deprived), I inevitably bump into (not literally – gawd!) a friend at The Root Cellar shopping, and my body does this crazy thing that I’m sure they’ll name for us soon. It’s like a gravitational pull that you have to physically resist. Contact-resistance? You want to hug so badly, but we are now trained to avoid, so the push & pull gets physically bizarre. And it’s by far the worst when I see my mom, which is limited to grocery drop offs and occasional extremely spaced walks.

When I was a kid the hugging fluency in our house was next level. There are polite hugs, there are friendly hugs (we were a ‘huggy family’ so these got thrown all over the place), there are loving hugs, and there are melters. A melter is a hug that you put all of your energy into, it’s the opposite of a polite hug. It’s a hug in which you focus every fibre of your being on delivering love to the recipient. These are reserved for people you haven’t seen in a loooong time, people experiencing a love deficit that just need a good recharge, and well, you know, lovers.

I am not sure what we will do on Sunday, but our focus won’t be on things (though decadent food, and beautiful flowers will be a part of our day I’m certain), it will be on delivering the feeling you get from a melter, without the hug. Next level love delivery… somehow.

And yes, distance certainly makes the heart grow fonder, even if it’s just 6 feet.

XO Daisy