A Letter from the Owners, May 27th 2020 – Blow that kiss. Grab those new potatoes.

Hi Root Cellar Community,

We LOVE that you are continuing quite feverishly to support our little market on the corner during all of this upheaval. We put a lot of energy into making sure that you look forward to coming here, enjoy time spent with us and leave looking forward to next time. It appears that you dig it and we are boundlessly grateful.

The sun is shining, summer is at our fingertips, and Dr Bonnie is cautiously letting us out to play.

But please don’t play here.

We are all adjusting our comfort zones, some more than others. At The Root Cellar however, nothing gives. The rules of the road remain the same. So even though you may have let more people ‘into your bubble’ please don’t bring them shopping with you.

We continue to limit customers in the store, and by shopping alone whenever possible you not only reduce exposure levels for all, you ensure that more people get to do their shopping, and have reduced waits in line outside.

If you love it here, chances are your friends do too. We see you all day bumping (not literally) into people you know and likely are not getting to see out there in the wild as much as you would like. This experience of community beneath our roof is something we dreamed of long before The Root Cellar existed and that motivates many of our business practices. Something we never could have dreamed of is the experience we are currently all living, and these two realities are sadly oil and water.

Please savour the sightings of familiar faces during your visits to The Root Cellar, but we ask that you blow a kiss, do that awkward thing that now takes the place of a hug, and move along. Because no matter where you are in our shop, even if you’ve mindfully parked yourself for a distanced chat, you’re quite likely blocking the hummus, or the first batch of rainier cherries. It hurts our hearts that someone may leave without their new potatoes because they weren’t comfortable asking you to please move… even though we know you wouldn’t mind at all.

Please blow that kiss, grab your cherries, and consider the shy-shoppers (and of course those waiting in line outside). We’ve got this!