A Letter from the Owners, May 25th 2020 – Follow your heart. Listen to your gut. Eat your greens.

Hi Root Cellar Community!

I was going to write a love story about fava beans today. I was going to go on and on and on about all the little teeny green things, like local peas and the joy that they bring to all sizes of hands, kind of like how lego is fun for 4 year olds and 40 year olds alike…

But then, someone was a jerk to a member of our team.
So, I’m parking the fava beans and getting my soap box back out.

Covid 19 has brought out the best in our team and our community.
We are aware of how privileged we are that this has been our experience and we are beyond grateful.
We also know this isn’t everyone’s experience or reality, and this is okay.

Now and always, It is our responsibility to ensure that our team looks forward to being here, so that you can too.

So please hear this.

Foul remarks, or verbal mistreatment of our team in any way,

If this hits you in the heart, know that you are part of the 99.99% of our customers who didn’t need this reminder.

If it hits you in the GUT, please reflect on your actions and try to do better.

This is a food market, and we all need to eat.

We also all deserve to be treated kindly.
If this is too great a challenge, we will kindly ask you to take your business elsewhere.

There have been just TWO such occurrences since our provincial state of emergency was declared on March 18th.

This is amazing, we are doing AMAZING!

Have a great week – I strongly recommend the favas. And I strongly look forward to the peas from Farmer Lorne later this season… you’ll know when they’re here because I’ll be singing from the rooftops.

XO Daisy