A Letter from the Owners, May 19th 2021 – Much Ado about Morels…!

Hi Root Cellar Community,

If you give this girl a first of the season Morel Mushroom, she will LIGHT RIGHT UP.

If you give this girl a freshly paved parking lot, she will JUMP FOR JOY.

And if you top it off by giving this girl a naturally sweetened, dairy free chocolate soft serve ice cream… she might just lie down and DIE OF HAPPINESS.

These are the hot topics around here this week. I was going to tell you a story about my husband’s quest to make me the perfect ice cream, I was going to drop big hints about inviting me to go mushroom foraging with you, and I was going to thank you for your patience as we re-pave our parking lot this week. But I can’t because I’m skipping through my parking lot, licking my ice cream, as I race toward the wild mushrooms that just arrived. I’m just too busy smelling the flowers.