A Letter from the Owners, May 18th 2020 – You say tomato…

Hi Root Cellar Community!

So, were you good this weekend? I was super-good. The allure of being ‘naughty’ just doesn’t apply right now. We saw a couple of people, briefly and outside, but largely just didn’t work on the weekend, which was epic.

Victoria Day means something different to everyone, for many it’s the first camping weekend of the year (my kids are asking to camp in the yard – I think we’ll go for it), for most it’s the weekend we fire up the BBQ, for us at The Root Cellar, this year in particular, it’s a celebration of LOCAL TOMATO SEASON!

We are literally rolling in local tomatoes.

I did that once. A beloved farm that we have worked with for years in the Okanagan, Covert Farms, used to throw a ‘Tomato Fest’ to make the most of the surplus of sad tomatoes inevitable at season’s end. Years ago, we put together a team, and participated in a tomato tug of war (we lost), a tomato obstacle course (we lost), and every manner of activity you can imagine that resulted in us being drenched in tomato. It was more fun than you can imagine, though I didn’t anticipate how itchy being saturated in tomato juice for hours would make me, but it was worth it.

So we aren’t LITERALLY rolling in tomatoes here, I lied. But we are celebrating their bounty in all of the ways. The first San Marzanos are here along with all your heirloom favourites, and we have over 40 varieties of tomato starts in The Potting Shed if you can believe it.

If you’re still madly baking, get a thick slab of bread, slather it with pesto (I also do a bit of mayo), slices of warm from the sun tomato and a sprinkle of the good salt. Or grab your burrata and basil, or some freshly made local pasta, or both. But do join us on this tomato train while they’re at their finest. And take my word for it, tomatoes taste better eaten in the sunshine.

PS: Please wash your hands first, and never put your tomatoes in the fridge.

PPS: Look at that, I didn’t talk about Covid!

XO Daisy