A Letter from the Owners, May 13th 2020 – Play nice this weekend…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

May Long Weekend is here, ‘the spring we will never forget’ will be behind us soon. Forget epic camping trips and big backyard BBQ’s… I find myself getting excited about the 1 or 2 people I may invite over to hang out in the yard with, as long as they go to the bathroom before they come, and stay the hell away from me. I say this with love of course, I am the walking exposed, since I mingle (distanced) with the public 5 days a week, not to mention our 90 staff… so really, don’t come near me. I live and breath every ‘rule’, however the miniscule possibility that I could pass Covid along unbeknownst to myself remains a strong factor in my exposure decisions. But our backyards are begging for people, and they’re quickly increasing comfort levels and dangling the carrot of marginal social activity… so this weekend feels a bit like a trial run; let’s not screw it up.

I feel a bit like a teenager who’s been bad and I’ve just earned back my privileges. One mis-step and we could get grounded again, for longer this time to make sure that we really learn. The evidence of misbehaviour won’t be ‘evident’ this weekend, Santa isn’t watching, but our Covid-counts will reveal whether we took things too far. Lets show Momma-Bonnie that we’ve got this, and PLAY NICE THIS WEEKEND.

PS: We’re having a 99 cent party at The Root Cellar this week… pick your favourite hot priced item and build your meal around it – this is the golden ticket to smart shopping. An economical base bedazzled with some sassy hard cheese, or accompanied with your favourite Chop Shop sausage (my current fave is the Chicken Asiago Spinach). Oh and BC Radishes are ‘Dirt Cheap’… please do me a favour and throw some of those on a skewer for the BBQ this weekend (if you par cook them a bit you can get them on the skewer without them cracking), roll them in a herb butter & sprinkle with the good salt ~ you can thank me later.