A Letter from the Owners, March 3rd 2021 – Bursting blossoms…Spring is coming…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

And just like that it feels like winter is behind us. Judith who runs our Potting Shed Garden Market (it’s starting to flush out over there in the corner – I love watching it transform in the early spring) always reminds me that winter isn’t over in March (and she’s usually right), but the bulbs peeking out and the cherry blossoms bursting are soooo optimistic, that I can’t help but get on the band wagon.

I’ve been sleeping with the window open, sitting outside under the stars with a glass of wine, and I’m looking forward to weekends in a new way, with garden ‘chores’ like stars in my eyes… .. and I personally cannot wait.

I find such comfort in the changing of the seasons, in getting my hands dirty and in growing my own food + flowers. We’ve all had a long dark winter, and finally the horizon teases longer days, brighter skies and spring sunshine…. I’m here with bells on, for all of it.