A Letter from the Owners, March 31st 2021 – An Easter Soap Box…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

I’ve been on my soap box a bit lately…because I am sad.

I feel like every time we are within reach of some normalcy, we act out and ‘get grounded’ with increased Covid precautions. So now, we’ve lost the opportunity for Easter Celebrations as we know them (but please, PLEASE get creative within our restrictions… there ARE ways to make this weekend magical).

I am also saddened by the comfort of the majority to pass judgement, and to point fingers. What if the time spent judging others was spent informing and encouraging instead?

At the end of the day, what we can control are our own actions and words. And if we focus our efforts inwardly in this way, I am confident we can light the path to the end of this tunnel, together, rather than divided.

This recent wave of precautions has hurt our local food scene, and we take it personally. This community is tight knit, the resilience of our small businesses relies on each of us to support each other. Seeing our local restauranteurs have the rug pulled out from beneath them, hurts to watch.

I’m NOT giving anyone hell for their spring break activities, but I AM pleading for a higher level of conscientiousness moving forward as we aim for smoother sailing toward that light at the end of this long tunnel. The health of our community, our vulnerable, our small business owners, our intimacy-starved, me, and you. We all need to step up. Again. Let’s?