A Letter from the Owners, March 30th 2020 – New normals…

Hi Root Cellar Community!

The gap between ‘new normals’ is closing so fast.

We couldn’t be more impressed by how Victoria has responded to community efforts to keep everyone safe & healthy. It is remarkable to see an entire population step back, slow down, and change so many habits in such a short period of time. We are lucky to be receiving a lot of positive feedback about our efforts in store, and we want to throw that back your way; THANK YOU for taking this seriously, for honouring so many new rules and suggestions, for ensuring that our staff feel comfortable in their work environment, for shopping for more less frequently, for considering your neighbours, for staying home if you are unwell, and for social distancing at The Root Cellar.

We look forward to resuming normalcy, but we are also kind of in love with this crazy world where we respect the crap out of each other, say what we’re feeling, make the most of our days and our social opportunities, take care of our elderly & vulnerable, are honest, and are kind. It’s our hope that some of these things are here to stay.

With warmth & gratitude,
Adam & Daisy Orser
The Root Cellar Owners