A Letter from the Owners, March 23rd 2020 – The social distancing song…!

Hi Root Cellar Community!

When we opened The Root Cellar, we didn’t mindfully open an ‘essential service’, but here we are on the front lines, so those who can stay home, do. Please, stay home. We are working long days developing new strategies & procedures, communicating with our team and community, racing to keep up with the ever changing requirements and demands of our circumstances.

Our brains are very very full, but our hearts are bursting. Our team and our community are all digging deep, and bringing their best to our doorstep, we see you and we appreciate you.

If you shop in our store, you know that we often host live acoustic music, as we sincerely believe that a visit to the market should be something that you look forward to (did you know we spend over 900hrs/yr shopping for, cooking and eating food? That shouldn’t be time wasted…).

One of our favourite musicians on rotation, Morien Jones, who’s been playing for our customers for years, is a VERY good sport…. he’ll ask if I have a request and doesn’t hesitate when I ask for something ridiculous like ‘the broccoli song’, he’ll improvise something on the spot.

Last week, I asked if he knew ‘the social distancing song’. A very hot topic worldwide and a heavy focus in our store. He appeared stumped, and I joked that he’d better learn it fast!

Life went on. I made more signs encouraging conscientious shopping habits, I reassured staff that we had their backs, and customers the same. Then last Thursday at work, Morien was there playing again. I said hello, put a quick video of him on social media and hustled along. I was taking photos of shopping carts placed strategically within our ‘social distancing guidelines’ on the floor to better coach our customers, and nearly choked when I heard the song being played. THE SOCIAL DISTANCING SONG!! He’d done it, accepted my challenge and blown it out of the park.

Click here to listen to our new anthem at The Root Cellar, may it lift your spirits like it did mine, and may it make space for a little fun in crazy times.


With warmth & gratitude,
Adam & Daisy Orser
The Root Cellar Owners