A Letter from the Owners, June 8th 2020 – Priorities 2

Hi Root Cellar Community,

We aren’t comfortable distracting from the #blacklivesmatter messaging that is hopefully dominating your feeds and inboxes, with tales of local rhubarb and strawberries. So we will be keeping a bit quieter than we have been lately to continue to give space to #amplifiedmelanatedvoices.

Solidarity as PR isn’t what we are about. We feel that there are so so many amazing resources out there that can better inform our, and your, minds & actions (such as Black Lives Matter Vancouver).

Despite our muted feed and newsletters, we are listening, we are learning, we are making space, we are having conversations and we firmly stand against racism every single day in our home and in our business. We implore you to do the same, to open your heart, to broaden your mind, to listen, and to take action in whichever way you are personally able.