A Letter from the Owners, June 3rd 2020 – Priorities…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

I have a personal fascination with what the positive impact could be on humanity of having shared this global experience of pandemic.

And now we find ourselves here faced with a cultural disease, in a shared experience that feels new, but is not. A profound injustice that every person is touched by differently but that none are exempt from a role in.

We have all learned to flex our integrity muscles this year. These are muscles we all have. And I think we all liked how it felt to tone things up.

We have all taken great action and made great compromise in the interest of those more vulnerable than us. We have stayed home, we have worn PPE, we have reduced our incomes and the comfort of our lifestyles. We have put posters in our windows, we have baked for neighbours, we have delivered groceries. We have been more mindful of the impact of our actions, and our words, and our time.

And now we are here. Faced with an opportunity to show our strength of humanity.

We cannot endorse unjust systems & societies that ignore equality and deem it acceptable to treat any human as less.

It feels like the world is falling apart, and it should, it is broken. We aren’t here by accident and we won’t get where we need to be by accident. There are members of our community of planet earth that need each of us to align in integrity to create change. So LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD.

Whomever you are, wherever you are.
Be mindful.
Choose your actions wisely.
Learn. Seek Change.
Use your voice, your heart,
and your dollars if you’re able.

I believe our community to be one that can lead by example. We need to live, breathe and act in louder integrity because we all deserve to.

In solidarity,

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King Jr