A Letter from the Owners, June 23rd 2021 – Opening a new store in a pandemic is FUN…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Opening a new store in a pandemic is FUN. No, really. Well, mostly.

One of the very best parts of this adventure we’re on is the growing of our team. You can’t run a business if you don’t love people. Though we do have a particular fondness for food-loving-humans I have to admit. You’ve surely seen some new faces pop up in our departments at our McKenzie Corner store, you’ve met (or seen at least half of their faces) our two new GM’s, Paul (McKenzie Corner) & Joseph (Oxford Corner), and we’re now diving in and filling more seats.

We’re seeking passionate leaders to open the new location with us (still remaining elusive on the timeline – but we can assure you the weather will be cooling down by the time the doors open), and a supporting cast of food enthusiasts who get excited about this thing we do.

We’re hosting our first hiring fair this weekend (for both locations, not exclusive to the new store … read on), and I personally am looking very forward to meeting the new branch of this Root Cellar family tree.

See you at Oxford Corner in Cook Street Village this Saturday!


PS – Love my hat? You’ve gotta work here to get one… 😉