A Letter from the Owners, June 22nd 2020 – The great spatchcock mystery…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

We live our daily lives in a ‘need to know’ culture… we are never in the dark for long with Google at our finger tips. While I love a lot about this immediate access to information (I just KNOW more, and so do my kids), I am sad that we rarely sit in curiosity or wonder any more. So sometimes I force the matter and willfully just DON’T google it; this way we engage in guessing and wonder and curiosity.

SPATCHCOCK chickens is one of those things for me. What is this weird word? Is it someone’s name? Does it mean something? Is it a reference to the flattening of the chicken? I have no idea and I’m keeping it that way. What I do know is that they are absolutely flavour packed, they cook quickly & evenly, they save the day & please a crowd when I don’t have time to think about dinner, and they are beautifully complimented by any and all fresh veg. As you can imagine they’ve been on rapid rotation for us through Covid, but nobody is complaining (the Peruvian is the favourite at our house).

If you google it, please don’t tell me!
Not every mystery needs to be solved.